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Discussion around the „Side by side“ exhibition

MSF has chosen to collaborate with Turkish digital artist Uğur Gallenkuş, known for his collages that bring together universal realities or those that everything opposes.

Addressing the issue of fundamental rights in a world saturated by images and current events is not an easy task when it comes to unequal living conditions across the globe. How can we create space for reflection and knowledge about events and situations that too often escape media coverage and fall into general indifference?

In addition to emergency medical care, bearing witness is a fundamental aspect of MSF’s mission, but is it possible in all contexts of intervention?

In connection with the exhibition that will be on display throughout the month of June on the Quai Wilson in Geneva, this discussion will allow for an exchange between the artist and Maelle L’Homme, with moderation by a journalist from RTS.


31 Mai 2023
17:30 — 20:00

Médecins Sans Frontières, 140 route de Ferney, 1202 Geneva


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