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Jeux de miroir : Réflexions sur MSF et l’action humanitaire

Lausanne: Editions Antipodes, Médecins Sans Frontières

What are the ethical issues involved in providing humanitarian aid? What is the real impact of humanitarian groups? MSF sought to answer these questions in the Perception Project, a study that spanned four years and more than ten countries. Close to 7,000 people were interviewed in order to understand the ways that patients, populations, authorities, and communities perceive MSF’s principles and medical practices. As a medical humanitarian organization, MSF struggles with the ability to respond to crises, the safety of its teams, and the development of effective interactions with populations and authorities.

This book is a series of reflections on the Perception Project that presents the insights and analyses of authors from a diverse array of fields including communications, ethics, medicine, humanitarian studies, and political science. At a time when humanitarian aid is under increasing scrutiny, this book provides perspectives on how MSF can better serve those in need.


Radio program

5 June 2013: "Les petits matins"

Caroline Abu-Sada presented the book Jeux de miroir during the radio program "Les petits matins" on 5 June 2013 on La 1ère (RTS) .



Articles published on the book

"L'humanitaire en question", Pierre Jeanneret, Gauchebdo, no. 39, 28 septembre 2013, p. 7



"Jeux de miroir: Réflexions sur MSF et l'action humanitaire", Marion Oudar, Humanitaire, no. 37, mars 2014, pp. 112-113




English version

There is an English version of this book: Dilemmas, Challenges, and Ethics of Humanitarian Action: Reflections on Médecins Sans Frontières' Perception Project.


Spanish version

There is a Spanish version of this book: Juego de espejos: Reflexiones sobre la percepción de MSF y la acción humanitaria.




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