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Maroc: l'humanitaire à la carte?


Françoise Duroch was a guest on RTS's Forum programme for a debate on international humanitarian assistance following the earthquake in Morocco.


World Humanitarian Day


August 19th marks World Humanitarian Day. The RTS podcast "Tout un monde" discusses the risks taken by teams in the field with guests from the ICRC, Médecins du Monde Suisse and Françoise Duroch...


Humanitarian corridors: negotiated exceptions at risk of manipulation


The diverse range of situations in reference to which the terms ‘humanitarian corridor’, ‘relief corridor’ or ‘access corridor’ are used, often interchangeably, is matched only by the...


"Desperate times call for desperate measures"


What it takes to make humanitarian corridors work for civilians - and why they are not an ideal solution. Read the article (in German)


Humanitarian corridors in Ukraine: the illusion of an ideal solution


History teaches us that it would be a mistake to place too much hope in a temporary and restricted right of passage, write Françoise Duroch and Maelle L'Homme in Geneva Solutions.

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Journal of Humanitarian Affairs: special issue


Duncan McLean (UREPH) and Michaël Neuman (Centre de Réflexion sur l'Action et les Savoirs Humanitaires) have edited this special issue on the politics of infectious disease. It introduces the idea ...


Les 50 ans de MSF, ou comment l'humanitaire reste une épine dans le pied des dirigeants


Médecins Sans Frontières a tout juste 50 ans. Duncan McLean revient sur les ambitions initiales de l’ONG et ses préoccupations actuelles.


Humanitarian discourse and the challenges of migration: the European exception?


Are non-governmental organisations also guilty of double standards? Reviewing humanitarian actors’ approaches to migration in Europe, the author analyses the demands, intentions and dilemmas that...

MSF 50 years of humanity


Exhibition: Looking back at 50 years of humanity


The 50th anniversary of the creation of Médecins Sans Frontières is an opportunity to reflect on our humanitarian work and its evolution. Through its medical interventions in a wide range of...


The Business of Conflict: Humanitarian Assistance and the War Economy in Syria


Everybody's War examines the complexities of humanitarianism in Syria and the wide-ranging consequences for both Syria's populations and humanitarian responses to future conflicts. Duncan McLean...


Inside Geneva podcast: Humanitarians and counter-terror laws


To do their work, humanitarian organisations must talk with everyone in the field, including groups that have been labelled terrorists. How do they do it?

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