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Engaging with National Authorities: Médecins Sans Frontières’s experience in Guinea during the Ebola epidemic

Humanitarian Alternatives
Art der Veröffentlichung: 
Art des Artikels: 
3rd Issue – November, pp. 28-39

The  Ebola  epidemic  continues  to  be  instructive.  This  was  indeed  the  conclusion  of  the  "Focus"  on  this subject  in  our  inaugural  issue:  the  magnitude  of  this  unprecedented  crisis,  its  failures  and  successes, required  that  there  were  lessons  to  be  learned.  This  is  what  Marc  Poncin,  the  former  coordinator  for Doctors  Without  Borders  (MSF)  in  Guinea - Conakry,  does  here  as  he  looks  back  on  the  stormy  but ultimately constructive relations with the country’s authorities.