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Vers un nouvel imaginaire national ? Transformation de l’action associative au sein de la communauté palestinienne au Liban

Le développement, une affaire d’ONG ? Associations, Etats et bailleurs dans le monde arabe
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edited by Abu-Sada C. & Challand B.
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Paris: Khartala; Aix-en- Provence: IREMAM, Beyrouth: IFPO

Increasingly non profit associations providing welfare services to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon have been demanding the improvement of the living conditions of the Palestinians. By mediating collective demands on behalf of the Palestinian community vis-à-vis Lebanese authorities, they joined UNRWA and Palestinian political factions in acting as representatives of the Palestinians. Drawing on the experience of the association Najdeh as a case study, this chapter explores the causes and consequences of this change and its impact on the political system ruling over Lebanon’s Palestinians.