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Central African Refugees in Chad and Cameroon: "Suitcase or Coffin"

The survey data and the testimonies gathered by MSF teams in Chad and Cameroon highlight the breadth of the violence that the populations experienced both in the CAR and as they fled the country.

Fleeing the Violence in Syria: Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

While Lebanon has absorbed tens of thousands of refugees fleeing the conflict in neighboring Syria in recent months, many people are living in overcrowded conditions, suffering psychological distress, are fearful for their safety, and are unable to afford medical care.

New humanitarian concerns in Iraq

Humanitarian challenges have evolved over the past few years in Iraq. MSF has worked hard to find the most appropriate approach: the best way to balance serious security concerns against the medical needs of the people.

Strengthening Resilience: Food insecurity and Local Responses to Fragmentation of the West Bank

The Palestinian economy in the West Bank and Gaza Strip has sustained significant losses as a result of Israeli measures taken in the aftermath of the outbreak of the second Intifada in September 2000. As a result, key food security determinants—such as wage labour, food trade and social security schemes—are under severe threat, and dramatic change is being observed in some areas.

Comprehensive Joint Food Security Assessment (CFSVA) West Bank and Gaza Strip

This assessment is intended to update and expand the previous analyses and to inform and facilitate a comprehensive approach to food security—including peoples’ own perceptions; socio-economic statistics; income, expenditure, and consumption statistics; food traders’ study; and a nutrition review. This food security and vulnerability assessment follows up on the Food Security Assessment conducted by FAO with WFP in 2003.

Seeing through the obstacles to the victims: MSF's medical responsibility to victims of sexual violence

A year ago, all of MSF's offices debated the organization's role in providing specialized health care to women. One particular area of concern that is becoming better recognized as a part of our work is care for victims of rape and other types of sexual violence. It is important to evaluate our success in enabling all of our operational teams to provide suitable care and support to these women and girls and to consider some of the obstacles facing them as they attempt to do so.